We are open for our current members only but at this time we are not accepting any new members or trying a free class. When we feel it's safe to start having new people come in we will provide an update. 


We are a small gym in Columbia, SC with group exercise classes with a personal training touch. These workouts are designed to challenge very fit people and also be safe and doable for someone doing their first workout. Everything within the workout can be modified for all fitness levels and even moderate injury issues. We also love to incorporate obstacles of all sorts into the workouts keeping them fun an constantly different.


Have you ever tried a group fitness class somewhere and felt lost, unsure on how to do the movements, or just one of many fish in the pond? That's Right Fitness is all about getting you a lot of one on one attention within the motivating and supporting atmosphere of a group. Negative attitudes not allowed! 

Advantages to our small gym: 

Lots of one on one attention 

Supportive Community. It's easier to go after your goals with positive like minded individuals around you

Your goals are a priority here!

FREE nutrition advice for members, meal prep tips, and Primal

Gourmet orders delivered conveniently to the gym

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