Willie Tanner

Owner That's Right Fitness

I’ve previously had a life long struggle with weight with periods of up and down up and down but never really got anywhere near where I wanted. 

After getting to my heaviest and unhealthiest in 2008 I made a push to lose weight and get healthy eventually losing over 50 pounds by 2012 just by eating better and consistently exercising (mostly a lot of basketball and running). While I was able to lose that weight I still wasn't happy with how I looked or felt and struggled to keep the weight off. As is often the case, life got in the way and I quickly put a lot of body fat back on. 

I got to the point where I feel like I was trying very hard but not getting results which was frustrating. Then I discovered a high intensity strength training which also lead to becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition and a dedication to eating strict.


The results ever since have been amazing and I am the happiest and fittest I have ever been! I've discovered it’s so easy to maintain long term when you see the results and know what works! Although eating strict never gets easy as I will never stop loving me some french fries and pizza.  

If you are struggling with motivation or not knowing what to do or where to start, I can relate from personal experience about the difficulties to try and live a healthy lifestyle physically, psychologically, and emotionally! It's not easy but I have a passion for creating a realistic path for people to become happier, healthier, and fitter.  

About me personally... 

Huge Gamecock Fan (no classes/training Saturdays in the    Fall :-) #SpursUp)

• Loving Dog Owner

• Love to Travel

• Cheat Meal Enthusiast 

• Obstacle Course Racing ADDICT! Love Bonefrog, Spartan,    Savage Race, Local OCR's, etc. 

616 Greenwood Rd West Columbia, SC 29169