Member Spotlight

Our incredible group of members is what makes this gym what it is, we highlight a few of them here:


​“Before I made the decision to get healthy, I had never really worked out a day in my life. I had no idea what I was doing and had no confidence in what I was capable of. Lucky for me, the start of my journey to get healthy came with an introduction to Willie, and he's been one of my biggest supporters since. His energy and passion for health are infectious. A wonderful combination of competence, patience, and firm instruction make him an ideal trainer. I can always rely on him to push me and help me realize my own strength.”​

- Diane C.


​“In 2013, I lost all enthusiasm towards working out and it became a chore. Slowly but surely, working out was not part of my daily routine anymore and I was becoming very unhappy with the life I was living but didn't know how to change it. In 2015 I became a teacher and had quite the stressful year. With all the stress, I turned to eating anything that comforted me. With that, I gained a lot of weight and became even more unhappy with myself and more importantly, just all around unhealthy. When I reached my most unhappy & unhealthiest, I decided something needed to be done and began looking for a gym. In October of 2016 I found Willie. He helped me set reasonable goals (and celebrated them when they were met), kept me on track with nutrition (he's never more than a text message away), and put the fun back in working out that I had lost. If it weren't for Willie, I would not be as
 happy as I am with myself and live as healthy of a lifestyle as I am living now. If you're looking for a hard working, motivating, and personable trainer, he is the one for you!”​

- Morgan C.


Willie is an excellent trainer. He understands what it takes to push people to get the results they want. He is skilled in nutrition as well as supplements. He also genuinely cares for his clients.

- Rob S.


If you are looking for a trainer that won't hold you accountable, let's you do the bare minimum, doesn't care about stretching, accepts your "I'm tired" or "I can't," and doesn't have a catch phrase - you should find someone else.
Willie's willingness to meet you where you are, but push your further than you thought you could go is astounding. His personality, workouts, and attitude make working out enjoyable. Can't thank him enough for all his support and for kicking my butt back into shape!

- Layla F. 


Willie is the trainer that made me fall in love with working out after 40. He helped me realize my full potential and supported me to test my own personal limits to expand my workouts. Willie makes group workouts feel like one to one sessions because he gives equal attention to each person and knows just what is needed to push us to the next level.

- Danielle T. 


Willie is awesome and helps you reach your potential!!

- Deana R. 

616 Greenwood Rd West Columbia, SC 29169